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Orthotics is the use of specialized devices that help support weakened joints. Chiropractors sometimes prescribe foot orthotics as part of a patient’s treatment plan. A custom orthotic is inserted into the shoe and works to support the joints and muscles of the foot, knee, hip and low back. Most often they are prescribed in cases of foot pain and chronic knee or low back pain, conditions that are often caused by altered biomechanics of the foot and ankle such as pronation or supination and high or low arches. Other common conditions that respond well to orthotics are plantar fasciitis, metatarsal pain, shin splints, gout, Achilles tendonitis, iliotibial band syndrome and most muscle/tendon dysfunctions of the lower limb.
Once we determine that orthotics would be a helpful part of your treatment process, we perform a full foot examination and gait analysis and take a foam mold of your feet. At BSCM we use OOLab Orthotics to provide our patients with high quality custom orthotics. OOLab also offers a wide variety custom sandals, shoes and boots and compression stockings.

We offer over 12 different styles of orthotics to choose from the 50+ additional modifications. We believe in providing the most diverse and custom orthotic in order to meet your patients needs. If you require more information please contact customer service or orthotic designs by clicking the link below.